ShadowChair out, Inbowned in for Luminosity’s SMITE team

Luminosity’s SMITE Pro League team made roster changes once more.

ShadowChair, who was just announced in August to be replacing KeegsMate as Luminosity’s mid player, is no longer on the team. NotGeno, LG’s support since the start of Season 5, moved to mid.

Inbowned, SMITE Console World Championship 2018 winner with Myth Gaming, replaced NotGeno on support.

Today, the new roster, which debuted with Inbowned for the first time with NotGeno in his new role, was 2-0’d by Spacestation Gaming.

ShadowChair posted a TwitLonger explaining his dismissal in more detail. The roster wasn’t performing to their own standards, and as a result, morale was slipping.

“It became a drag to scrim and lose, and playing SPL to be 2-0’d again and again just felt miserable,” wrote ShadowChair.

ShadowChair hopes to “play casually and regain that confidence and become SPL ready again” and will probably play SMITE competitively again next year, whether in the SMITE Minor League or the SMITE Pro League.

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