GodScylla wins the SMITE Halloween community skin contest

Just like any other kid, Scylla’s dressing up for Halloween this year.

The GodScylla concept was confirmed to have won SMITE’s Halloween community skin contest. The skin features Scylla in a Godzilla costume and was submitted by user Fenodereee.

GodScylla was an immediate hit with the SMITE community, garnering nearly 2,000 upvotes when Fenodereee posted the concept art on the SMITE subreddit.

Scylla and her lizard suit were already suspected to have won the contest after SMITE Datamining found evidence of a new Scylla skin. Now, the announcement is official.

GodScylla will arrive with SMITE patch 5.19 and will be shown in-game for the first time during the 5.19 update show on Friday, Oct. 5.

It should also be noted that the community skin contest ran back in May was for both Halloween and winter skins, so SMITE players should be seeing the winter winner soon.

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