Changes coming to new SMITE console UI after backlash

It’s never a good sign when the top post on the SMITE subreddit is titled “New console UI is disgusting.”

SMITE PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players were less than wild about the user interface changes that arrived this week with patch 5.18: Change & Choices, and developer Titan Forge Studios has already scheduled a hot fix to make adjustments.

“5.18 was our first pass[,] and we will keep community feedback at the top of the discussion as we move forward with the next versions,” posted SMITE Lead Designer TitanAjax.

SMITE New Console UI
The new SMITE console UI, added with patch 5.18

Players called the new role calling icons confusing and said the overall design was more befitting of a mobile game. Some thought the sudden change might be to make the console UI Switch-friendly because of the rumored SMITE Switch version.

The following changes will be made in the hot fix:

  • Reverted the Role Call keybind back to the previous button
  • Changed Role Call icons to be more intuitive, and added role text next to them
  • Changed mastery display to show your total worshippers in the lobby
  • Removed the persistent UI that shows boosters used, they will only show at the time they are activated. This was done to make room for role text.

The new UI also caused bugs that will be fixed in the hot fix:

  • Fixed an issue where Assault re-rolls did not work
  • Fixed skin selection in Assault
  • Fixed an issue with Skin Boosters
  • Fixed an issue where draft picks overlaps other UI
  • Fixed an issue where playing a match after jungle practice could break skin selection
  • Fixed an issue where Jungle Practice would sometimes not unlock all skins

The hot fix is expected to land early in the week of Oct. 8.

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