SMITE 5.19 patch notes released: Queen of the Gods

The Queen of the Gods has arrived.

Or rather, she will, when SMITE’s patch 5.19: Queen of the Gods officially drops. ‘She’ is, of course, referring to Hera, SMITE’s much-anticipated mage who will launch with 5.19.

Aside from the addition of Hera, the 5.19 notes aren’t long. There aren’t many balance changes but are a few quality-of-life changes like queue decreases. The full patch notes are below.

New god: Hera, Queen of the Gods (Mage)

Passive: Commanding Presence

Each time Hera deals damage to gods while Argus is inactive, Argus’ cooldown is reduced. While Argus is active, each time Hera deals damage to gods Argus is healed for a flat amount, scaling based on Hera’s Level.

  • Cooldown per hit: 1s
  • Argus Heal: 20 + 5 per level

Ability 1: Royal Assault

Hera damages enemies in a cone in front of her before opening a portal for Argus to attack through. Enemy minions hit by this cone are knocked into Argus’ path. Argus then slams his fists at the target location dealing heavy damage. If both of his fists connects with an enemy, it deals 15% extra damage.

  • Ability: AoE
  • Affects: Enemies
  • Range: 45
  • Cone Damage: 30/40/50/60/70 (+15% of your Magical Power)
  • Fist Damage: 75/120/165/210/255 (+75% of your Magical Power)
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Cost: 55,60,65,70,75
Cutting Edge Ullr SMITE Skin
Cutting Edge Ullr skin (exclusive, Odyssey)

Ability 2: Polymorph

Hera weaves magic in front of her before sending it out. Enemies hit by this ability take damage. If this ability hits a god it causes their form to shift into a monster.

  • Ability: Line
  • Affects: Enemies
  • Range: 80
  • Damage: 60/105/150/195/240 (+75% of your Magical Power)
  • Polymorph Duration: 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8/2s
  • Cooldown: 14s
  • Cost: 60

Ability 3: Divine Shroud

Hera shrouds herself in her divine power, granting her a shield from damage and temporary movement speed that lasts as long as the shield remains.\n\nIf Argus is active, Argus shines with the same Divine power as Hera, causing him to deal radiant damage and move at an increased rate.

  • Ability: Shield and Buff
  • Affects: Self
  • Shield Health: 50/100/150/200/250 +15 per Hera’s Level
  • Shield Duration: 5s
  • Movement Speed: 15%
  • Argus Aura Damage: 7/11/15/19/23 (+7.5% of your Magical Power)
  • Argus Speed: 50%
  • Cooldown: 16s
  • Cost: 45/50/55/60/65
GodScylla Scylla SMITE Skin
GodScylla skin (exclusive, winner of the Halloween community skin contest)

Ultimate Ability: Argus, The Defender

Hera brings Argus crashing down at a location, damaging and knocking up enemies. On landing Argus will attack the nearest target. Hera can control where Argus moves through refiring this ability onto an enemy or if he has a target, to recall him. While recalled Argus will defend Hera and attack anyone that gets close. Argus has a hit chain that starts with a normal basic attack, into a ground circle AoE slowing enemies by 20% for 1s, into a line attack.

  • Ability: AoE
  • Affects: Enemies
  • Radius: 20
  • Damage: 100/150/200/250/300 (+35% of your Magical Power)
  • Argus Lifetime: 40s
  • Argus Initial Hit: 40 (+30% of your Magical Power)
  • Argus Second Hit: 40 (+30% of your Magical Power)
  • Argus Third Hit: 60 (+40% of your Magical Power)
  • Cooldown: 70s
  • Cost: 80/85/90/95/100

New skins

The addition of Hera also sees the addition of her recolor, Crimson Queen, and her mastery skins. Three more skins have been added to the Odyssey event, and Halloween has made its way to SMITE with festive Scylla and Bakasura skins.

  • Crimson Queen Hera recolor skin (direct purchase, favor)
  • Hera mastery skins (direct purchase, favor)
  • Shonen Spark Mercury (exclusive, Odyssey)
  • Cutting Edge Ullr (exclusive, Odyssey)
  • Omni Tech Odin (exclusive, Odyssey)
  • GodScylla Scylla (exclusive, Halloween community skin contest winner)
  • Shadow Eater Bakasura (exclusive)
Shadow Eater Bakasura SMITE Skin
Shadow Eater Bakasura (exclusive)

Other new cosmetics

  • Disapproving Peacock Avatar
  • Hera Announcer Pack

Project Olympus

SMITE developer Titan Forge Studios categorizes the following updates under Project Olympus, which was an initiative to better SMITE.


  • Muting players will now mute all audio sources coming from that player (including map pings)

Console UI Updates

Loading screen and many elements on it have been updated to reduce business and have a cleaner aesthetic.

  • Odyssey points, Fantasy Points, or similar currencies have been removed from all loading frames
  • The option to show K/D/A has been removed
  • Players now have the option to “show or hide mastery” which only affects the roman numeral and stars mastery number
  • Options menu has been updated
  • Recently played players has been added
    • Report or friend players after leaving your match lobby
Shonen Spark Mercury SMITE Skin
Shonen Spark Mercury (exclusive, Odyssey)

Steam Account Linking

  • An option is now available for PC players to link their SMITE account to the Steam account. Linking your account is optional for now, but will be required in the future.

Decreased Queue Times

  • Joust: 3m to 2m
  • Arena: 3m to 2m
  • Ranked Conquest 12m to 9m

Patch 5.19 Fantasy Points Store rotation

Like all patches, patch 5.19 will have a different rotation for the Fantasy Points Store, except for the recolored skins that always stay. Be sure to purchase any skins from the patch 5.18 rotation before 5.19 hits.

  • Prizefighter Mercury
  • iDusa Medusa
  • Madame Darkness Nox

Bug fixes

General bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could be given the deserter penalty, even when they had no part in causing the lobby to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where in-queue message persisted in match lobby
  • Fixed an FX issue with the Racer Pedestal where the red glow from the pipes would appear rotated
  • Added sound fx to 100% Global Emote
  • Fixed lighting at Joust Order-side fountain where some skins appeared too bright
Omni Tech Odin SMITE Skin
Omni Tech Odin (exclusive, Odyssey)

Console bug fixes

  • Fixed Refer a Friend where players were unable to select friend to refer
  • Fixed missing controls when redirecting from a banner
  • Fixed HUD issue with stats overlapping player item list on Xbox
  • Fixed Achilles Radiant Glory demo video missing for Console players
  • Fixed Player Spectate issue where R/LR callouts are missing when editing mini map
  • Fixed issue Friends list can be opened without highlighting Options HUD
  • Fixed displaying button callouts for offline Friends in the Friends list
  • Fixed Match Lobby button legend persisting after match fails

Item bug fixes

Hydra’s Lament

  • Fixed an issue with passive damage only applying on first hit of Vamana and Bakasura Ultimate Basic Attacks

Odysseus’ Bow

  • Fixed an issue with passive only stacking once with Vamana and Bakasura Ultimate Basic Attacks

God bug fixes

Erlang Shen

  • Fixed showing the incorrect Basic Attack formula on the Skill Screen. Should have been 39 + 2 * level instead of 38 + 2 * level.


  • Raised volume fx for Basic Attack and ability #2  for Warp Tech skin

Nu Wa

  • Fixed very large diamond fx appearing when firing ability #3 with Mystic Enchantress skin


Item balance

There is only one item receiving a balance change in patch 5.19.

Oni Hunter’s Garb Nerf

  • Increased Cost from 1900g to 2100g

God balance

Like item balance, there aren’t many changes here. Only three gods will receive changes, all of which are nerfs.

Amaterasu Nerf

Divine Presence

  • Decrease Power Buff on Valor Aura from 15/20/25/30/35 to 10/15/20/25/30

Freya Nerf


  • Decreased Movement Speed from 375 to 370

Mercury Nerf

Made You Look

  • Increased Cooldown from 8s to 10s

Other mentions

Yesterday, Titan Forge announced that the Classic Joust Adventure will be continuing throughout patch 5.19 instead of ending when 5.19 drops. This gives fans of the Adventure at least another month with the mode, either to enjoy it or to finish up earning the rewards that accompanied the Adventure.

PTS and release date

The PTS is up now. The estimated release date for patch 5.19 is the week of Oct. 15.

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