Obey PrettyPriMe will be able to attend SMITE Worlds

Obey’s mid laner PrettyPriMe has announced he will be able to make SMITE’s World Championship event.

Obey PrettyPriMe
Obey PrettyPriMe

The two-time Worlds runner-up had previously given the news he would miss the placement stage, and possibly the main event, due to its proximity to the expected birth date of his daughter.

According to a tweet from PriMe, the baby was born two days ago, and “everyone is healthy and good.”

“Everything is great, everything is perfect,” posted PriMe.

Placement rounds for the SMITE World Championship begin Monday, Nov. 5, with the main event to begin Friday, Nov. 16.

Since PriMe had thought he would have to miss both stages of this year’s Worlds, Obey had SMITE Minor League team player  filling in for PriMe.

In his prior announcement, PriMe had been confident Phlippo would “pop off” during PriMe’s absence and propel Obey to great results in the tournament.

It looks like PriMe’s the one Obey fans will look to now to pop off during Worlds.

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