HRX 2018 SMITE free Mixer drops announced

Every year, players can earn free drops for watching SMITE’s World Championship tournament at the Hi-Rez Expo. This year’s rewards have been announced.

Instead of being luck-based like previous years on Twitch, the automatic Mixer rewards are based on how long logged-in viewers tune into the event.

Viewers can earn HRX Loki for watching 16 total hours throughout the event

Watch and earn

  • Watch for 4 hours and earn a White Mixer Chest
  • Watch for 8 hours and earn a Blue Mixer Chest
  • Watch for 12 hours and earn a Hera’s Odyssey Chest
  • Watch for 16 hours and earn the HRX Loki Skin

For better or for worse

The amount of skins players can receive has gone down. In past years, competing teams could select a skin, and when that team won, a preset number of random viewers in the chat would receive the skin. It wasn’t uncommon to walk away with three or four skins after a day of competitive SMITE.

However, some SMITE fans said the Twitch drops never worked for them — or they were perhaps extremely unlucky — and they were never able to receive anything at all. With the new drops, everyone should at least get something as long as they meet the required time watched.

Also, HRX Loki was given out during the last HRX/SMITE Worlds event, so some players will already have it.

When to watch

SMITE developer Titan Forge Studios’ announcement about the Mixer drops lists the main event dates of Nov. 16-18, so it doesn’t look like players are eligible for rewards through the seeding matches going on right now.

Everyone should make sure their Hi-Rez and Mixer accounts are linked to be eligible to receive drops.

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