SMITE’s new launcher rolls out

SMITE developer Titan Forge Studios has released a new launcher for the third-person MOBA.

Log in within the SMITE client

Instead of going through publisher Hi-Rez Studios’ authentication service and logging in through the launcher, the launcher will now take players into the SMITE client to log in.

SMITE New Launcher 2018
What the new SMITE login page looks like

“We’ve been putting in a ton of work to help streamline the log in process for SMITE,” Titan Forge posted of the change.

Smoother sailing on Steam

SMITE can be played through Steam or through a standalone download. Steam players must link their Hi-Rez and Steam accounts, eliminating the need to punch in their login information every time they launch SMITE.

This function might not be live yet: SMITE Scrub tested logging in through Steam and was asked to log in, even though the Hi-Rez and Steam accounts were linked.

No longer running in the background

The old launcher was constantly running in the background, allowing players to automatically download updates. Titan Forge noted that the new program is not always on, and SMITE players who use the standalone client will have to leave the program running if they want to install patches automatically.

Presumably, Steam players can continue to automatically install updates using Steam’s automatic patching options.

SMITE players can consult Titan Forge’s new launcher FAQ for more information.

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