Insignem support Genetics banned mid-SMITE Worlds placements

Hours before the Insignem vs. Armada SMITE World Championship placement match, Insignem’s support Genetics received a three-day competitive ban.

Official ruling cites unsportsmanlike behavior

“Our league operations staff recently discovered that SML player Genetics has engaged in unsportsmanlike behavior in-game,” the competitive ruling from SMITE developer Hi-Rez Studios stated.

League Operations Manager Steven Cooper said on Twitter that Hi-Rez’s support team confirmed Genetics engaged in “negative comments, homophobic and targeted harassment of players within the past week.”

Screenshots circulate on Reddit

A Reddit user posted a screenshot of Genetics’ inappropriate statements in-game toward them in February 2018, along with a report they submitted. Cooper said what happened in the screenshot in question was a separate instance than the events that caused today’s ban, 10 months later.

What this means for Insignem

Insignem’s coach, KSier, will stand in for Genetics during today’s best-of-three set against Armada, according to Insignem jungler LASBRA.

Although he has been coaching Insignem most of 2018, KSier does not appear to have played in professional matches before. KSier was Diamond IV in ranked the last time his profile was public.

Genetics’ ban lasts three days, which means that should Insignem make it through the placement stages this weekend, he will be allowed to rejoin his team for the main event.

Insignem, which qualified through the SMITE Minor League, had won two out of three sets in the group stages so far, beating Trifecta 2-1 and No Ping Esports 2-0 but falling 0-2 to Mousesports.

Genetics’ apology

On Twitter, Genetics apologized for his actions:

“I[‘]m sorry to anyone [I] have harassed in the past,” he wrote. “It[‘]s unacceptable by anyone regardless of whether they are playing [competitive] or not.”

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