Homiefe to sub for NRG Yammyn at SMITE World Championship

Former Counter Logic Gaming jungler Homiefe will sub for NRG’s mid player Yammyn at this year’s SMITE World Championship, NRG announced on Twitter.

Filling in for Yammyn

NRG’s mid player and two-time SMITE world champion Yammyn announced on Nov. 5 that he would not play with his team at this year’s tournament, citing anxiety and panic attacks that affected his ability to travel and play SMITE competitively.

NRG qualified for the SMITE World Championship by finishing second in the European SMITE Pro League’s Fall Split, meaning the squad avoided this past week’s placement phases and had not yet revealed Yammyn’s sub.

Homiefe attends Worlds

Homiefe has been around the SMITE pro scene for about three years and is a well-known North American jungler, most notably playing for SoaR and later Spacestation Gaming, although this is the first time he will have made it to Worlds. Most recently, Homiefe was the jungler for Counter Logic Gaming but was replaced by Mask in early October.

Ironically, Homiefe’s old team Counter Logic Gaming did not make it through Worlds’ placement round, but he will play at worlds with NRG.

“It’s gonna be extremely hard to fill in for [Yammyn] this late and live up to his legacy, but I’ll try my best,” Homiefe tweeted.

Regional rules don’t apply to coaches and subs

SMITE competitive fans had questions about Homiefe being a North American player while NRG is a European squad, since SMITE teams are divided into regions. NRG support player EmilZy explained on Twitter that the rules allow coaches and subs to hail from other regions.

“The workaround is that coaches/subs are allowed to come from a different region and therefore he will be able to sub in,” EmilZy posted. “Think Dimi SSG, DIG Biggy, CLG Slainy and NRG Rowe.”

Reddit predicts the future?

On Nov. 5, a Reddit user posted a screenshot of NRG jungler Adapting, NRG support EmilZy and Homiefe beating them 17-0 in a ranked Joust match.

“Homiefe mid for NRG at [W]orlds confirmed?” someone asked in the comments section.

Homiefe Subs for NRG Yammyn at Worlds Reddit Comment

NRG will play their first match in the SMITE World Championship quarterfinals on Nov. 16 versus Team Rival.

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