The Morrigan will not be allowed in SMITE Worlds play due to bug

The Morrigan will be banned at the SMITE World Championship due to “a non-reproducable bug,” according to SMITE Team Dignitas’ coach Biggy.

Pale Raven Morrigan SMITE Skin
The Morrigan: Queen of Bugs

The Morrigan being buggy is no surprise to SMITE players: due to the nature of the playable character’s kit, which replicates the entire kit of a god chosen by the player, she has been exceptionally prone to bugs, some of them game-breaking.

This is, however, the first time SMITE developer Titan Forge Studios has banned her in competitive play (past the initial period all new gods are banned from competitive play).

Neither Titan Forge or Hi-Rez Studios’ esports production company, Skillshot Media, have made a statement about Morrigan’s ban at the time of this writing.

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