MOBAs, like SMITE, are constantly changing. That means there’s always something to talk about, whether it be the latest patch, an ongoing tournament, issues in the community, game modes, features, events, skins and more.

SMITE Scrub also aims more at the lighter aspects of SMITE. There are already plenty of great YouTubers and Twitch streamers who provide high-level gameplay and theory-crafting, and that’s not what this site is about. Expect to see a lot of fun-oriented posts that cater to the everyday player alongside more serious discussions. I’m aiming to put up original content at least once per week.

SMITE Odyssey The Fall of War Part 5

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SMITE Scrub is the pet project of an avid player since 2013. I thought it would be fun to make a site about SMITE, so I did! I’ll continue to update the site whether one person or 1,000 people read it because it’s fun. See you all out on the battleground of the gods. Tweet me if you need anything.